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Canine Cognitive Dysfunction Rating
Clinical results by College of Veterinary Medicine at Seoul National University and 5 local animal hospitals.
Behavioral test results
Before and after treatment of GedaCure®
Social interaction test
Out of the fence test
GedaCure® Efficacy
Improvement of spatial disorientation:
Behaviors such as wandering or walking towards the corner without recognizing objects around them are the most common symptom of cognitive dysfunction syndrome. GedaCure® improves the symptoms of dogs that lost sense of spatial orientation as above.
Improvement of social interaction with owners:
Dogs with cognitive dysfunction syndrome cannot remember and recognize their owners or familiar people. The attitude and response to their owners have been improved in companion dogs administered with GedaCure®.
Improvement of sleep/wake cycle:
Symptoms such as barking or howling at midnight are common symptoms for dogs with cognitive dysfunction syndrome. This symptom can cause a decrease in the quality of life of the dog and its owner. GedaCure® improves the sleep/wake cycle, which leads to a better quality of life for both dog and its owner.
Increase of physical activity:
Compared to other normal old dogs, companion dogs with cognitive dysfunction syndrome are especially prone to decrease physical activity levels. In addition, their responsiveness to surrounding stimuli decreases because the cognitive ability decreases. After taking GedaCure®, companion dogs with cognitive dysfunction syndrome have improved vitality and responsiveness to their surroundings.