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Our Mission of GNT Animal Health

We aim to offer products that are more than just effective tools for the treatment and control of animal disease.

About GAH


GNT Pharma is a company that is striving to discover and develop new innovative drug candidates for
patients who are suffering from neurological brain disorders and their families due to the lack of effective
treatment. In 2018, we established the GNT Animal Health business unit (GAH) to develop a treatment
that will help to improve the health of companion animals and the quality of life for their owners b y
integrating our R&D accumulated knowledge for over 20 years. GAH has made every effort to apply our
Alzheimer's Disease (AD) treatment into the treatment of Canine Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome (CCDS)
and finally, received marketing approval as a new veterinary medicine for CCDS. In the future, GAH will
continue to develop new products with sufficient competitiveness in global markets with the best experts.
Recent advancement of veterinary medicine and the growth of the animal
healthcare market has led the dog life expectancy to live longer, this result has led to
an increase in the number of dogs suffering from neurodegenerative brain diseases.
The reason GNT Pharma launched the GNT Animal Health (GAH) business unit in 2018 was the desire to alleviate the pain of dogs and their family suffering from these diseases.
Now we launch the world's first Canine Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome (CCDS) treatment, GedaCure®. We are hoping that as our first animal medicine, dogs and their family could lead a happier life. Since we are establishing an area that no one has overcome so far, we will take big steps in every way with a clear sense of duty. Also, we will devote ourselves to research and development to make our dogs and family happier. Finally, reach the overseas markets to help dogs suffering from CCDS around the world.
Jinhwan Lee, GAH COO
Innovative research to promote
the welfare of both companion
animals and family caregivers
Development of reliable products by
pursuing safety and professionality
Advanced technology recognized
in the global market